CWLA Proudly Announces First Endorsements for the 2014 Election Cycle

271Hon. Mimi Walters
United States Congress, 45th Congressional District

State Senator Mimi Walters has been a champion for lower taxes, less intrusive government and fiscal responsibility. She is a founding member of CWLA and has always been a leader in the community.

Her public service began in 1996 on the Laguna Niguel City Council where she served as Mayor. Elected to the State Assembly in 2004, she was overwhelmingly elected and reelected to the State Senate in 2008 and 2012.

Mimi Walters is a proven leader and is the best candidate to represent California’s 45th Congressional District in Washington D.C.


janet.p1219_2.jpgHon. Janet Nguyen
California State Senate, 34th District

Supervisor Nguyen is one of Orange County’s most respected leaders. She has been elected to the Board of Supervisors three times and was the first woman and Asian American to serve the first district of Orange County.

While she is the highest ranking Vietnamese American elected official in the United States, Janet has been recognized for her work with the Latino community. Her service on the Garden Grove City Council and the Orange County Board of Supervisors has prepared her to lead in Sacramento.

272Hon. Pat Bates
California State Senate, 36th District

Supervisor Pat Bates has a well-earned reputation as one of California’s most accomplished public servants. Her legacy of leadership includes being the driving force behind the city of Laguna Niguel’s cityhood and becoming the city’s first Mayor. Pat is also a founding member of CWLA.

In 1998 Pat was elected to the State Assembly where she was the founding chair of the Republican Women’s Caucus. She was able to build consensus and bring people together for solutions to our state’s biggest issues.

She was then elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 2006 where she continued to work hard for the people of her district. Sacramento needs Pat’s leadership now more than ever and we are confident she will advocate for the values we share in the State Senate.

274Young Kim
California State Assembly, 65th District

Young Kim is a long time community leader in North Orange County. As Director of Community Relations and Asian Affairs for Congressman Ed Royce, she has served as a key liaison within communities in the district.

The race for the 65th State Assembly seat will be competitive but Young is committed to creating jobs, improving education, public safety and making Sacramento work again.

276Hon. Diane Harkey
California Board of Equalization

Diane Harkey was elected to the State Assembly in 2008. Prior to her election she had 30 years of experience in corporate finance and banking.

In the Assembly, Diane led with conservative solutions to our state’s budget and spending problems. She also worked to focus lawmakers on our unfunded liabilities while fighting against higher taxes.

Diane Harkey believes in a smaller, constitutionally limited government that stops runaway spending and lives within its means. Diane also believes the Legislature must cut regulations, taxes and fees in order to spur true economic growth and restore California’s economy. Its these principles that define her time in public office.

275Hon. Michelle Steele
Orange County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District

Michelle Steele is the senior-ranking Republican constitutional officer in the State of California as Vice Chair of the State Board of Equalization. She is a successful businesswoman and and renowned taxpayer advocate.

In 2008, she successfully led the fight against the new iTax, a $500 million new tax on digital downloads. Her pledge is to protect taxpayers against an overbearing government, oppose all new taxes and tax increases.

277Hon. Sandra Hutchens
Orange County Sheriff

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is running for re-election. Since she was first appointed in 2008 and elected in 2010 she has been working hard for the people of Orange County. She has been focused on keeping our homes, schools and businesses safe while restoring the integrity and honor of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

We have made tremendous progress under Sheriff Hutchens. She has been a leader in our community and has kept to the department’s core values: “Integrity without compromise; Service above self; Professionalism in the performance of duty; Vigilance in safeguarding our community.”

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