Judicial Campaigns

Judicial_BannerAchieving results is not just something we provide. It’s our tradition.

“The GBA team understands the specific nuances of judicial elections. They are professional, quick to respond and their winning track record is unrivaled.”

Judge Dan Maguire
Yolo County Superior Court

Let GBA campaigns provide you with the tools you need to win on Election Day

For a limited time we are offering a specially customized package for judicial elections.

Our $10,000* judicial campaign plans includes:

Logo & Website Design
In today’s technology age campaign websites are a must. GBA’s professional website developers work in-house and can craft a website specific to your judicial campaign along with a logo that can be used throughout the campaign.

Campaign Strategy and Announcement
Campaigns often stumble because they lack specific plans and direction. From day one, GBA will set you on a path to victory. We will set your campaign goals, build your budget and plan your campaign announcement. Its imperative that your judicial campaign is sending the right message that it is organized and delivering the right message to voters.

Campaign Handout Design and Messaging
Every candidate should be talking to as many voters as they can, but the campaign message needs to be clear and you need to promote the right image. You don’t want a cookie cutter campaign that looks like all the others. That’s why GBA will use it’s professional design and message team to develop your image and design a campaign handout that has a clear and direct message specifically customized for you to use throughout your campaign.

Ballot Statement Message Development and Writing
Your ballot statement is the single most important piece of voter contact to your campaign. It will be mailed to every voter in your district and it will contain your campaign message. GBA specializes in creating judicial specific ballot statements. Let our team develop that message for you and ensure that your campaign is delivering that important list of credentials that will separate you from your opponent.

Slate Mailer Production
Slate mail is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to communicate with voters. However, with so many slate cards circulating in today’s elections it is difficult to decide which are beneficial for your campaign. GBA will use its relationships with every slate vendor to maximize your slate card budget. Our team will help you choose which slate cards are best for your campaign, which message the slate cards deliver and best of all, negotiate a fair price for you.

* Retainer price is based on limited features additional content to website or additional consulting fees will be billed at an hourly rate additional costs for production may apply. Call to inquire for further costs.