LaMalfa Election Victory Expands After Certification

(Richvale, CA) – -As California certifies its 2020 General Election results and the last votes are finally counted, Rep. Doug LaMalfa has seen his election margin steadily increase. The final vote shows LaMalfa winning 57%-43% and by over 50,000 votes. This is an increase of over two percentage points from 2018, during a historically high turn-out election.

LaMalfa faced a well-funded opponent who spent an unprecedented amount, nearly $2.5 million in the 2020 cycle. In the last three years his opponent has spent over $3.6 million, almost entirely on negative attacks.

“After years of relentless attack ads and false accusations that were amplified by millions of dollars it’s very gratifying to have my numbers actually go up, and to be re-elected by such a strong margin. The voters were able to see through it all and rallied around the common sense message of limited government, individual freedom and rebuilding the North State. I’m grateful for the continued confidence and support,” concluded Congressman LaMalfa.


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